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MITE Hradec Kralove, Ltd. serves under contract as Embedded Partner for some most considerable firms working in the Embedded market. We do not only resale Embedded Modules and Boards but we support our customers from the first discussion about new Project and helping evolving Projects to production.

MICROSOFT Embedded Partner

We design and create Embedded Operating Systems for specified HW platforms and SW technology. We make Operating Systems Deployment and sale MICROSOFT Embedded Systems licenses. Microsoft Embedded Partner Agreement has been signed.

KONTRON Embedded Modules Partner

We support sale and technical implementation of Modules DIM144, DIM200, PC/104, ETX, ETXexpress/COM, COMexpress and next ones new developed, for example microETXexpress and nanoETXexpress. We have been working on Boards and System level design. We also support Embedded Boards like JRex, JRexplus, EPIC, miniITX and other creating customized Embedded Operating System, developing additional IO Board, LCD with Touchscreen, Power Supplies etc.

Intel® Channel Partner Program

We are registered Member of Intel® Channel Partner Program.

VIA Embedded Partner

We help to solve technical questions by Applications of VIA EPIA Boards nanoITX and picoITX. We prepare Embedded Operating Systems, testing of new SW applications. We connect IO Units and design construction complying with standards. Our Status is VIA Embedded Partner.

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