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We develop among others also RadHard Microcomputers for in Space Applications,  Military and other Special Engineering.
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SWARM (launch anticipated in October 2010)


SWARM Micro accelerometer MAC-04 Control Computer

The test and three flight Control Computers of  Microaccelerometer for ESA magnetic mission SWARM were negotiated by Aeronautical Research and Test Institute (VZLU). MITE has been involved in that Project and has been making:

  • Construction of radiation-hardened Control Computer
    Design and Development of two Boards Control Computer for Micro accelerometer Experiment
  • RadHard EDAC - Error Detection And Correction
    Design and Development of special additional part for Control Computer and its complete Software support.
  • Latch-Up  Protective Circuit
    The latch-up protective circuit against  Latch-Up effect for non-radhard chips has been developed.

launch anticipated in October 2009)

Micro accelerometer Control Computer

Design and Development of Computer Control System

Control Software Algorithm Design and Program Development of Fight Application Software

Communication Commands, Data Structure and Communication Algorithm Design

Terrestial Station Software Development for Data Conversion


ATLANTIS STS-79 - Experiment ETTF/3DMA/MACEK, Sept 26th 1996

MITE developed a credit card size, low power, PC compatible computer for collecting data from Microgravity Measurement Devices, placed on board of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The  Software Application that controlled complete device and stored Date was placed in a Flash Memory.

The experiment ran for more than 8 days and it's success has been recently confirmed by NASA.

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