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The Embedded Boards of "miteBRD" Family have been developed with the latest interface technology like COM Express for example. Let us know your requirements we can offer the right Board based on proved Solution.

The mitePC Boards (miteBRD, or mitePC-BRD when PC module is inserted) are developed in the light of customers needs, below you can see Board with CPU X-board SC1200, miniPCI (WIFI module) and CF Socket.

X-board nosná deska (CF, miniPCI, USB)
X-board nosná deska, modul X-board s SC1200, Ethernet, COM

Next to these Boards we offer constructions that are based on up to 32bit MCU.

Duplicating of verified layout allows to cut down time to production and keep guarantee of successful design.

Target Board for miniature DIP68/DIP48 Embedded Module .....

Board with DIMM144 interface. ETH (2xETH), PC/104, RS232, RS422/485...

Boards with DIMM144 interface. ETH, USB, PC/104, RS232, RS422/485.......

Boards with DIMM144-PC and DIMM144-IO Sockets. ETH, RS232, RS422/485, ETH, VGA, PS/2 ....

See left the Baseboard for X-board Module for example

ETX Module is the heart of that system

The latest COM interface technology for COMexpress PinOut Type 1, the smallest module 55 x 84 mm

The latest COM interface technology for COMexpress PinOut Type 2, i.e. ETXexpress or microETXexpress

Industrial PC/104 Bus and/or PC/104+ have some Boards miteBRD-DIMMPC, or JRex, or EPIC and others.

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