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Embedded Computers mitePC-LCD are produced in various versions in the light of customers requirements with different CPU, operating system, LCD, Touch Screen, IO ports and in different Constructions. Let us know your request.

Embeded počítače mitePC-LCD
(different constructions, LCD diagonals, operating systems, CPUs etc.)


There are different types in accordance to LCD size and Backlight:
CCFL Backlight LED Backlight
mitePC-LCD43 (480x272)  

mitePC-LCD64 (640x480)

mitePC-LCD65-L (640x480)
  mitePC-LCD70-L (800x480)
MicroClient II a IIA, LCD 7.0"
mitePC-LCD84 (800x600) mitePC-LCD84-L (800x600)
mitePC-LCD104 (800x600)
MicroClient II a IIA, LCD 10.4"
mitePC-LCD104-L (800x600)
mitePC-LCD120 (800x600)
MicroClient II a IIA, LCD 12.1"
mitePC-LCD120-L (800x600)
mitePC-LCD150 (1024x768)
MicroClient II a IIA, LCD 15"
mitePC-LCD150-L (1024x768)
mitePC-LCD170 (1280x1024)  
mitePC-LCD190 (1280x1024)  

CPU, operating system, RAM, IO ports, construction details, LCD size, temperature range etc. can be modified on request. See also:


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