mitePC-SPEC  Special Equipments


Hlavni stranka

Special Equipments with Embedded Computers have been developed with the strong view of customers´ specifications. Let us know Details.


Special Equipments are solely dedicated systems
 developed on agreed terms

 Equipments are convenient to the strictest demands:

  • extremum of temperature
  • hard radiation
  • compact dimension
  • computing, or graphics power
  • throughput rate
  • special IO interfaces
  • special connectors
  • quality of  display surface
  • touch screen
  • power supply
  • battery packs
  • charger
  • photovoltaic supply
  • uninterruptable power from different sources
  • weight
  • rugged construction
  • user interface
  • etc. with accent on extreme requests

See also enclosed computer mitePC-MIL.

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