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Power Supply -  the heart of the System requires strong carefulness.
Your requirements are welcome, we offer the closest Product from our Experience and proved Solutions.

The Power Supply Family includes different types and constructions,

mitePWR for Embedded Charger

but first of all customized versions.

We offer a lot of power supplies and constructions for different Accu Packs, chargers, standby supplies etc.

mitePWR-NiMH as example for NiMH Accu Packs....

mitePWR-LiON as example for Li-ion Accu Packs....

mitePWR-BOB (Batt On Board), usually as a part of computer Board layout, very low power sources.... customized design only

mitePWR-230, with input voltage AC, typ. 110 - 240 V AC ... customized design only

and others.

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