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As there are many versions of operating systems and HW support is not always clear we offer not only Solution but also detailed introduction. Let us know what are you interested in. We can offer complete Embedded Set.

To Embedded Operating System we provide:

  • Consulting of basic features, "production" of operating systems and general aspects of usage

  • Development of embedded operating system tailored by your needs

  • Creation of customized scripts and software application

  • Retailing of licenses of embedded operating system (Microsoft)

  • Testing of embedded software and operating system (Windows/Linux)

  • Operating System Image cloning

  • Image deployment to a target hardware

  • Continuous test run

  • Monitoring of operating system components actualization

Safety-critical systems

The software that must conform standards IEC 61508 or DO-178B, or ARINC 653 requires individual focus.

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